Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Hole Lot of Fun

I know there are many smart people out there and even many smart people reading this blog. I also know that most of you would not put holes in a perfectly good floor. I also was very reluctant to put holes in a perfectly good floor because unlike many other floors this one took six months to build, but we did and we like it! I am sure you are curious on what I am talking about. There are seat posts for the seats to go into the floor and they all have to be cut out for the plate and then cut all the way through most places for the seat leg to go into. Here is what I mean...

This is what it looks like after it has been cut out. We made a jig. As a side note for you Jim, you want to cut all of the holes in the floor before putting any of the fenders or the hump or anything else in. Believe me when I tell you it will make your life easier. We have all of the right measurements when you get to that point.  

This is what it looks like with the plate in it. The bolts that are in there are not the ones that will be there permanently, it was just to make sure it worked.

Underneath the car is a clip for the seat leg to go into. This is to allow the seat to be removed when needed. The fronts of the seat legs are hooks so you hook in the front and push down the back to hook them into place.

My Grandpa has often made the comment that most of the modern conveniences of cars can be found in a model A. Here is one of the examples right here, removable seating. Didn't realize it had been around for so long did ya?


  1. chad...where did you get the metal parts for the seat bases?


  2. Gary and Chad - I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful work on the roofs! And thank you for dropping them off over the Labor Day holiday. I do want you guys to know that when I build my car I plan to add a nice brass plate that says, "Body By Gary and Chad Clayton". You guys deserve it!